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Ours company was Established in 1994 as a private business, the main activity is the timber processing.

We are specializated in the weekend and dwelling houses manufacture in concordance with the domestic and international market demands.

Our houses are manufactured from multi-layer agglomerated beams.


Why to build a wood house? Or the advantages of wooden houses.


In all of the human history, except the last half of this century, every living environment was built from natural materials, stone, wood and clay. The concrete, steel and plastic construction materials are natural-strangers, and they are unable to creat a warm home atmosphere. The stone and adobe as a building material, give a cold feeling.


In building materials only the wood can give a warm comforting feeling, because even if is cut, processed, integrated, it remains a living material. An important property is that is breathing, get on vapors depending from the external and internal  temperature and humidity, and gives off gradually the moisture. Due to the fiber structure is an excellent thermal insulation, cool in summer and warm in winter. Its color, smell is calming the nervous system, improves the mood.